So it’s nearly Christmas?

Yup. Nearly Christmas. That means it’s a chilly 50+ outside in Las Vegas. With the holidays comes family, and with family comes cleaning, and with cleaning comes a dearth of geocaching.

But Penne and I snuck out today for a short 4.5 mile jaunt across the desert for a geocache. We went after: It was a really nice walk….a few hundred feet of elevation only, and it was super gradual.

It was cool and the wind came up as we walked, but the sun was out and it was a great walk.



Penne at the geocache

Cholla Cactus

Cholla Cactus

I’m not sure if that’s a “Teddy Bear Cholla” or a “Juming Cholla”, or a “Teddy Bear Jumping Cholla”… but I do know that it’s pretty, and pretty dangerous.

Keep your dogs away!  🙂  Seriously, I’m speaking from experience.

Not dead… just busy

Just realized I haven’t posted here for a long time.  No reason… been busy of course with summer and my geowife being off of work.  (She’s a teacher.)  So Summer is when we get out and escape the heat for a while.  This year we spend over 3 weeks in Colorado and then driving to Oklahoma and back, for a couple of family reunions.

Yes, I geocached.  😉

After that we spend a week up towards Reno checking the area out.  I’ve never been there and between you and me, I won’t be back.  I totally disliked the area.  Hot, so that didn’t help…. we set heat records part of the week.  Expensive, and I’m not a fan of that.  Vegas crowded, and I’m not a fan of that either.

Yes, I geocached.  😉

So once the heat set in down here in the valley I spend a month complaining and sitting around.  Then it cooled off a little, for a week, and now they’re calling for a freeze.  Fuck this place.


:-( Fucking Jeep

This morning (earth day 2015) I attended a CITO out near Red Rock and then headed up I-15 to do some geocaching.

The plan was to cache my way up the highway to Mesquite and then up into St. George where I would camp on BLM land south of Sand Hallow Reservoir.
My ultimate goal was to hike the two different anticline series in the area.
One is: VA-I,
The other: the Daddy series,

Unfortunately the jeep had other ideas and about 15 miles south of Mesquite the radiator shit a gut. It’s not too dramatic, but a leak is a leak and this one was pretty big. I ended up stopping in Mesquite while I weighed my options and I decided on the side of safety and headed home the next morning. 🙁

So now there is a new radiator on order and a couple of other parts. I’ll put it back together in a couple of days and we’ll see….. yes we will…..



Just being Pissy

I’m just being pissy.  I know that, but sometimes I can’t help myself.  So I’m caching in Pahrump doing a series and some lowlife fuck-for-brains decided that a good way to mark all the caches found was to preprint some log pages and then just add them to each cache, instead of pulling out the existing log, signing it, and putting it back.

Now in theory it sounds like a good idea, it even has a couple of pluses:
1) it’s fast
2) you’re adding a log page to the cache so you’re sort of helping the CO (in some series)

But here that’s all just not true.  The problem is, the logs in the caches are all the same size and neatly stapled together.  They’re rolled up in the 35mm film canisters, again, neatly.

The fuck-head who added his own logs just shoved them into the containers and wadded up his pages or the original cache pages to fit them all in.  When you pull out the neat stapled log pages his shit just falls out.  I saw a number of them just blowing around.  Plus, his pages were much smaller than the nice log pages and they didn’t easily roll up.  I spent more time fixing his stupid pages and trying to neatly incorporate them into the existing logs, I just got frustrated with the whole thing.

Now I can see that on some higher traffic areas like the ET highway this might be useful…  but here?  It was a pain in the ass and you’d think fuck-head would have realized he was screwing up a perfectly clean, well maintained series for his own convenience.

And now back off of my soap box.

Pole Dancing series in Pahrump, NV

Headed out to Pahrump this last weekend ostensibly to watch the races (Pahrump Valley Speedway) but of course that was just a clever ploy to go geocaching.

I started the “Pole Dancing” series but because the road was so rough I didn’t finish it.  I began at #001 at the south end, and went north from there.  The caches were almost all on the right and with my wife driving it was easy to hop out on my side.  If I was solo, I’d have started at the top.

The road is easily traveled in 2WD but some places need high clearance…. any pickup would work, many SUVs.  My wife’s Murano would have been fine, our new Chevrolet Equinox wouldn’t.

The road isn’t too badly rutted or anything, it’s just rocky and there are a couple of channels through it.  Just enough so that I wasn’t in the mood to be bounced any longer and after the first 100 I found a convenient road out and went to get some supper.

I love geocaching

no really, I do. It keeps my mind busy and my thoughts active. I like studying geocaching maps. I like reading geocache descriptions. I like reading geocache logs. I like solving geocache puzzles. I like planning routes to geocaches. I like deciding how I’ll sleep or drive or camp near geocaches.

I LOVE GEOCACHING. I love every damn thing about it.
Just saying….

Looking for RRGeo

It was a beautiful day, temperature in the upper 50’s, with sunshine and no wind.  A very nice day for January in southern Nevada.

Penne and I went out to find “Looking for RRGeo”, a new cache up in the hills on the way to Cold Creek NV.  It was a bit of a climb but while out we found “Yucca me Yucca you”, “Indian Peak”, and of course “Looking for RRGeo”  (

Overall it was more than 650′ of elevation gain, and about 3 miles of walking.

Looking for RRGeo Small arch near “Looking for RRGeo”

IndianPeak Looking towards Vegas from “Michelle’s Indian Peak”