Don’t you hate it when…

…when you visit a LPC and there is no cache there?
….and you don’t have a spare container with?

All you want to do is shove a pill bottle in there and claim a find. Fact is, this is a win-win-win combination. Win: you get a find. Win: CO gets a cache fixed. Win: everyone else can find it too!

But if you don’t have a spare container? all you get is a dnf. ….

Utah Musical Highway!

Ok, so most probably don’t call it the musical highway anymore. But it’s still a “power trail” of sorts.

And as a result there are lots of other caches and geoarts that have cropped up.

So anyway, I headed up to Cedar City UT last weekend to escape the heat and to grab some caches. It as a TOTAL SHOCK to me that someone had put the Utah 50 State Star series star along that route!

So of course I changed plans and made the grab for the whole star. WAhooooo!!!!!!! 🙂


Utah State Star!!!!!!!

Utah State Star!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to me!

Today for my birthday I hid a “Birthday Cache”.  It’s an unknown cache and to find it you have to do something birthday’ish… like find it on your birthday or in your birthday suite or with some birthday cake… something silly like that.  🙂


I found my GPSr!!!

After 3 trips to the area I was extremely fortunate to find my GPSr! I kept remembering little things… Oh, I had it here… Oh yeah, I didn’t use it for that cache… and eventually I had a good recollection of my path and I walked it closely and there it was!
It was just laying on the ground in a dry stream bed. Had to have just ‘slipped’ out of my pocket or something.

I’m sure glad I found it. Now breathe Scott, breathe….

FTF geocaching!

WahooO!  Me&Bucky put out some more caches along animation alley (SW corner of Las Vegas, off Blue Diamond).  Some were puzzles that you had to watch an old original Disney animated cartoon and answer some questions in order to find the cache.

It was pretty cool, Tira helped me watch for the clues and I did the hunting.  It was a beautiful day and Penne and I walked about 3 easy miles and picked up 10 FTFs!!!!

Dirty driving

I needed a break from laundry and dishes and vacuuming and dusting and washing and oil changes and weed pulling and AAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

So I headed out towards ‘Nellis Fun”, a cache that I was FTDNF  (First to ‘did not find’) on a few months ago.  Back then I walked the half mile to the cache and failed… today I found a road and despite the “private road” and “no trespassing” sings, drove to the cache.  I parked at the bottom of a hill and walked up just to stretch my legs and drink a beer.
This is how geocaching oughta’ be!  70 degrees, sunny, with a beer.

After that I found a pathetic excuse for a road and bounced quite a few miles out to “Well” and “Kiss Me”.  It had been nearly 3 years since either cache was found and they looked lonely on the map.  🙂

After that I headed my jeep back towards the power line road and grabbed 3 more caches that hadn’t been found in over a year, since RRGEO and his  jeep had visited them in 2/2013.

All-in-all… a great day!  🙂



So last weekend I walked 6+ miles to pick up a couple of caches north of town and I guess one of the guys that was there before me that morning dropped his own cache up there…  So, I went back.  🙂

The route is at the bottom, but Penne and I walked a little over 7 miles today for one cache.  Not the first time I’ve done that either.  It was a great day in Las Vegas… it rained the day previous and so the ground was pretty firm and easy to walk on.  There were scattered clouds and lots of sunshine, and the temperatures were in the 60’s.

On the way up to Sarah’s out of the way cache, we found an old wrecked car in a stream bed, and of course had to hide our own cache there.  At first I thought it was an old Datsun but the more I looked and poked around on the Internet I have decided it was a 1975 Mercury Bobcat Station wagon.  There is a picture of it down under the route.   Link to my new cache, Bobcat.


On the hunt for a Chupacabra

Yesterday Me&Bucky placed a couple of caches about 3 walking miles from the northern 215 loop, so I figured I’d head out and snag them.  After just 1 day, who would have guessed I’d be the 3rd finder?!?!?

Here’s the route:  chupacabra

I parked on Pecos road and wandered north from there.  The walking up the old gravel road was SLOW.  It was soft and sandy and a little rocky, I found that walking off of the gravel road in the desert was much better.  The ground was very firm and the walking was easier.

This trek was 6.4 miles round trip and I picked up 2 geocaches.