The ET Highway, visit 3

So this weekend we visited the ET highway, again! 🙂

I say ‘we’ because my wife went with me and did some driving.
On day one we arrived and set up the travel trailer in a convenient piece of BLM property. We did some caches but not a lot. I think we did more taking an evening walk than we did driving! 🙂

The next day we drove north and cached until we were too bored to continue. I did 208 caches, a new personal best! But boy was I tired. We took my 03 F-150 up and it’s a little bit of a climb up and down for every cache. I was pretty sore to tell you the truth.

But the remedy was some walking and the next day I did the alien head and afterwards drove north on the dirt road picking up as many caches as I could find.


Can I interject here? Don’t you just hate people who cheat? I constantly saw a particular name on the internet who claims to have found the caches just a week or so before me but his name was on NONE OF THEM. Oh sure, I know people roll the caches and he may have written in small letter on the back or whatever whatever whatever… he fucking lied. Bottom line. He’s from Canada, I emailed the little shit and he says he was in the area for weeks and found all of the ones he says he did. But truth is, I found a number of caches, especially as I got further away from the highway, that he claims to have logged yet the log had one name ONLY on a blank log because a previous finder (before the geolier) had replaced the logs… and the little lying fuck NEVER FOUND THE CACHE OR SIGNED THE LOG!
Yet he logged them online. 🙁

So where was I…. Oh yeah, on the final day I did a couple of dozen on the south side of the ET highway and started the spaceship but as you can see I didn’t get to finish it. Time was running out and we had to drive home that day.  Also, while walking the spaceship, Penne and I met Kim and Al, the Orange Jeep from PA duo, and we talked for over half an hour.  It was super great to meet them!

It was great time to be there in October. The weather was pleasantly warm but not hot. I think upper 70s and low 80s. One day was windy but the rest were great. The walking was OUTSTANDING and the driving was scenic. I found over 400 caches over the weekend and set a personal 1-day-best of over 200.

And like arnold says… I’ll be back!

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