Just being Pissy

I’m just being pissy.  I know that, but sometimes I can’t help myself.  So I’m caching in Pahrump doing a series and some lowlife fuck-for-brains decided that a good way to mark all the caches found was to preprint some log pages and then just add them to each cache, instead of pulling out the existing log, signing it, and putting it back.

Now in theory it sounds like a good idea, it even has a couple of pluses:
1) it’s fast
2) you’re adding a log page to the cache so you’re sort of helping the CO (in some series)

But here that’s all just not true.  The problem is, the logs in the caches are all the same size and neatly stapled together.  They’re rolled up in the 35mm film canisters, again, neatly.

The fuck-head who added his own logs just shoved them into the containers and wadded up his pages or the original cache pages to fit them all in.  When you pull out the neat stapled log pages his shit just falls out.  I saw a number of them just blowing around.  Plus, his pages were much smaller than the nice log pages and they didn’t easily roll up.  I spent more time fixing his stupid pages and trying to neatly incorporate them into the existing logs, I just got frustrated with the whole thing.

Now I can see that on some higher traffic areas like the ET highway this might be useful…  but here?  It was a pain in the ass and you’d think fuck-head would have realized he was screwing up a perfectly clean, well maintained series for his own convenience.

And now back off of my soap box.

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