Pole Dancing series in Pahrump, NV

Headed out to Pahrump this last weekend ostensibly to watch the races (Pahrump Valley Speedway) but of course that was just a clever ploy to go geocaching.

I started the “Pole Dancing” series but because the road was so rough I didn’t finish it.  I began at #001 at the south end, and went north from there.  The caches were almost all on the right and with my wife driving it was easy to hop out on my side.  If I was solo, I’d have started at the top.

The road is easily traveled in 2WD but some places need high clearance…. any pickup would work, many SUVs.  My wife’s Murano would have been fine, our new Chevrolet Equinox wouldn’t.

The road isn’t too badly rutted or anything, it’s just rocky and there are a couple of channels through it.  Just enough so that I wasn’t in the mood to be bounced any longer and after the first 100 I found a convenient road out and went to get some supper.

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