:-( Fucking Jeep

This morning (earth day 2015) I attended a CITO out near Red Rock and then headed up I-15 to do some geocaching.

The plan was to cache my way up the highway to Mesquite and then up into St. George where I would camp on BLM land south of Sand Hallow Reservoir.
My ultimate goal was to hike the two different anticline series in the area.
One is: VA-I,
The other: the Daddy series,

Unfortunately the jeep had other ideas and about 15 miles south of Mesquite the radiator shit a gut. It’s not too dramatic, but a leak is a leak and this one was pretty big. I ended up stopping in Mesquite while I weighed my options and I decided on the side of safety and headed home the next morning. 🙁

So now there is a new radiator on order and a couple of other parts. I’ll put it back together in a couple of days and we’ll see….. yes we will…..



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