Summer is winding down

If you live in Vegas you know that it’s true… summer is winding down.  The high all week is supposed to be right at 100° and today it only hit 99.

I took the bike to work and decided to stop for a cache on the way home.  I headed over to Shadow Rock Park and grabbed one of fyrcanine’s caches.  Steve is one of the top cachers in the state and has quite a few hides in the area… including the OST series!  He has 70 caches along the Old Spanish Trail as it winds through Las Vegas and out of town.

It’s pretty cool.  Some of the caches are not in great areas… I picked up one downtown that said to only visit it during daylight hours with a friend.  🙂

Anyway, I did a two’fer… stopped at the park, had a beer and searched for his well camo’d hide there, and walked out to one other nearby cache.  All-in-all a great afternoon.

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