Lonely caches

On 8 Sep 2013 I was in St. George for the Earth Cache Mega event.  I stayed for the lectures and for talking to people.  I really enjoyed it and it’s motivated me to finally publish an EC or two.

While in the area, I camped at Snow Mt. State park.  It’s a beautiful campground in a red sandstone and basalt valley.  Very nice place!

North of St. George I drove up FR033, an incredibly scenic road and did some caching.  Turns out there were some LONELY caches up here.  Lonely meaning it had been a while since they were last found.  So anyway, I was up to almost 6,000′, the road was fine (a little bumpy) and the views were fantastic!!!

Here are some of the caches I found:Dam Breech, not found in 6 months
Beer Can Pajamas, not found in 16 months
“Many Rocks”, not found in 15 months
Just look at those red hills!!!, not found for 15 months
Don’t Trip, not found for 16 months before me, and
Views Galore #2, last found over 16 months ago!

If you’re caching through St. George it’s a wonderful scenic drive.  I didn’t finish the loop, I had to head home, but for as far as I went 4WD was NOT needed.  I would recommend high clearance though, or of course a rental works too.  😉


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