I’m Quitting!!!!

oK… so this is not for good, but 18 Sep 2013 will be the final day of my current geocaching find streak.  I have been caching since Feb 2012, and starting 3/13 I have cached every day up until tomorrow.

If you’re counting, that is 555 days straight!!!

But there are no caches within 5 miles or so of my house or my job, and it’s becoming a chore to force myself to leave the house and find a cache in the evenings when it’s a min of 30 minutes and 1 gallon of gas in my truck.

Besides, I can tell my beautiful wife that I’m stopping for her, since 19 Sep is our 27th wedding anniversary and I told her I’d spend the evening with her.  🙂

Win-Win!!!   555days of fun, 27years of happiness, and I only have to stop for one day!!!!!


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