Day off and caching!

So I had a day off of work and I headed south towards Laughlin to work on some of the Eldorado! series of caches…

So first, the traffic sucked.  I’m heading down 95, towards the 15, and the flashing light over the road says ‘accident on 95, expect delays’.  So I grab the first exit, along with 2,384 other cars, and head south on Decatur.  I glance back at 95 as I’m exiting and it’s a fucking parking lot, as far as the eye can see.  Ok, so first good move.

I make it thru Decatur without crashing (barely) and grab the 215 to the 15 and head south out of town.  I’m home free!!!!

Oh wait… now where did I leave that GPSr???  REALLY???  You have got to be shitting me!  So I grab the next exit, I’m about half way between LV and Jean, and I search for my GPS…. and it’s not here.  I had to have left it home.  I’m heading out geocaching and I forgot my GPSr.   Now funny… NOT!

So I look at my cell phone, you know… the one with the half dead battery, and I notice there is a cache near where I pulled off the highway…  I turned on the GPS on my phone and went to grab it and actually found it!  I was a little surprised because my phone does not have the greatest GPS receiver.  So, I decided instead of going home I’d take my chances with the cell phone.

Long story short it worked out just fine.  I didn’t head another hour down to the Eldorado! series since there were caches where I pulled over, and I ended up grabbing an earth cache, an old virtual, and 30 traditionals down the old Las Vegas highway.


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