Tin-For series of caches

So I went out to grab a quick cache this evening.  It’s 104° in Las Vegas, and the sun was going down, so 104 wasn’t half bad!  I fired up the Chrysler and put the top down, grabbed the dog and headed out to a park on Lone Mountain Rd, about 4 miles from the house.

Unfortunately, the car overheated not even half way there… a not-uncommon problem around here in the summer.  So I pulled over, walked the dog, and waited for the car to cool.  When it did, I decided to head home and so here I am, driving through the city, with a hot car.  To get it home, I would start it up and accelerate a short time towards the next light, and then turned the car completely off and coast!

I did that over and over, only starting the car when I needed some more speed before coasting for a while.  Good thing it was late in the evening and there was little traffic.  🙂

I finally got home after about 20 more minutes (remember, I’m less than 2 miles from the house) and hopped into the pickup.  I chose a closer cache since it was starting to get dark, and headed north for about 3 miles.  Yup…. half way there the batteries in my GPSr died.  🙁

Long story short, after a couple more misadventures, I fired up the cell phone, looked at the map and headed out for the cache w/o a GPS.  :-()  The beauty of all the Tin-For caches is, they’re hidden exactly the same way!  So once I got close, I knew what to look for and eventually I found the cache!!!

The Tin-For series in Las Vegas was hidden by Clay4 (one of the guys that brought us the ET Highway).  There were nearly 60 at one time, but as they come up for needing maintenance or as missing, he deletes them.  He has about 150 caches of his own right now, not counting the THOUSANDS along the ET Highway north of town, so he’s pretty busy.  Since I know he deletes them when they come up for mx, I always bring logs and plastic bags when I grab one of these caches.  Just in the last week or so, I’ve placed out 3 new logs and added 4 baggies to keep the logs dry.  I hate to see these caches disappear, there are only 9 I haven’t found, and they are a large majority of the caches in NW Vegas.

Thanks Clay!

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